Posted by: amelia | September 8, 2010

Cycling Closure

By Amelia

To all those wonderful people who have followed us along our cross country farm/bike adventure:

I just want to take the chance to thank you all…. from the parents and friends who supported us, the farmers who have hosted us, and the people on the street who have pointed us in the right direction, this tour could not have been the success it was, without your help.

I am now sitting in my parents house in Wisconsin, just wishing that I could be back on my bike, with the loveliest group of traveling companions I could ever ask for. What a joy to feel so free, and to share that feeling with others. Staring in front of my computer screen again, I am certain that the transition to “normal life” is going to be a bit rough. I thoroughly enjoyed moving from town to town, meeting and getting to know people I would have never had the opportunity to approach, eating real food, and living living in the saddle.

The trip was an enormous success on all fronts. Of utmost importance, we all survived to tell this tale! What an amazing accomplishment. Looking at the map, it seems like an incredible distance to cover by bicycle. However, while the trip was time consuming, the cycling was not beyond the capability of any of our riders, not even my 57 year old father. If nothing else, I hope we can be an example to everyone that riding your bike is a feasible form of transportation. Its not just something that will get you around the block, but if your bike is nice enough, there is no place that it cannot feasibly take you.

To me the greatest success about this whole trip is that I really think the lives of our riders have changed for the better. We all have the confidence that we can use our own power to propel us foward, we have all had a chance to brush up our social interaction skills, we have all learned a thing or two about what healthy food looks like, and I think we have all had a chance to hone in on our critical thinking skills.

I know that I am a better person because I have done this tour. I feel stronger physically, mentally, spiritually. I was relaying to one of my best friends the other day about how I was pleasantly surprised about what I learned on this trip. When I first started fantasizing about this tour, I expected we would all learn a lot more about farming, crops, planting and the current food system. While that is true, I think I really learned more about the different ways that people decide to live their lives. As a young person well aware of the millions of choices that I have available for my future, it was really comforting and nice to just get a glimpse into alternative ways of living. Among the nicest things I gathered is that you do not just have to be a farmer to enjoy the idyllic lifestyle of growing food and settling down on a beautiful piece of property. I feel more calm about my own future and know that as long as I surround myself with good people and work at something I love, I am destine for a happy life. What a great realization.

Surely, I will be processing these past two months for the next two decades. But let me tell you, it will be hard pressed to have find such nice company, and food that tastes that good. I hope to spend a lot more time creating something to supplement this blog that compiles all the wonderful pictures and stories that go along with the ride. But alas, all good things take time. I will ensure to keep you all informed when I get there.

Again, I would like to thank each and every person associated with the ride in any way. Our experiences would not have been as colorful without your support and fresh ideas. I would like to encourage each and every one of you to go out and take some time to adventure, to re-discover this beautiful and ever changing world. I guarantee you will have a net-positive experience and like yourself more because of it. Go outside, go for a bike ride, visit a farm nearby your house, learn more about the food you eat… and bring your friends. Fall is a beautiful time to explore.


more soon, as always.


  1. If you ever do it again we would love to host your group..

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