Posted by: amelia | August 24, 2010

Kindred Cause in Cummington

Posted by Adam Spencer

Sunday August 22nd, 2010

Nobody likes to be soggy.

After a cold, wet morning of biking in the rain, our plan of camping for the night grew more and more dreary. While we ate our lunch, Amelia hopped on the horn to attempt to find a dry place to stay for the night. I don’t know how she does it.

Destination change: We are now headed to a church in Cummington, Mass.

There are no such things as coincidences, but serendipity astounds me. Kathy Harrison, the church caretaker gracious enough to let us stay in the Cummington Village Congregational Church, just happened to be passionate about food security. Harrison even authored a New York Times-praised book titled, Just In Case, about being prepared in case of disaster, high-lighting our culture’s reliance on an unsustainable food system.

Harrison told us she has enough food stored for six months in case of unseen disaster. With members of her community, Harrison has been hard at work to make Cummington a more self-sustaining community. The town shares a few hogs, sheep and vegetable gardens, but even she knows there is no way that Cummington could survive on its own. Nonetheless, Harrison emphasized the importance of everyone doing their part to live more sustainably.

It’s all about individual efforts to contribute to a larger cause. We’re just trying to do our part.


  1. I have been enjoying the updates; and staying connected with this journey. The last couple of entries bring a song to mind by singer/songwriter Greg Brown called “Canned Goods”. Lyric… “Taste a little of the summer..Grandma put it all in jars”.
    Does anyone still do canning for the winter months?
    “Super”markets are a testament to our laziness. It has all been done for us. I want… what I want.. and I want it now! Damn the seasons !! But at what price?
    This is a monumentous effort for this group to raise awareness. Our capitulation to corporations that provide questionably processed, genetically engineered or imported produce, meat or dairy products. Bravo ! But will I change? Will it be harder than bicycling from Portland Oregon to Boston Massachusetts?

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