Posted by: amelia | August 18, 2010

What’s Really Radical?

Posted by Adam Spencer

What is radical?

Is it radical to desire food that can be easily tracked back to its source? Is it radical to want to be able to pronounce the ingredients of the food we buy?


Is it radical to eat produce shipped in from thousands of miles away; consume milk and beef from cows injected with growth hormones; and eat produce infused with neonicotinoids, a substance modeled after nicotine that is banned in Germany and France?

The former must be more radical–after all, many people consider organic and local food movements as just more utopian ideas from hippie liberals.

But when you look at thousands of years of human food consumption, today’s current food system is much more radical–and a lot less sustainable.

Farm biking Ben Amundson used this line of thought during a discussion at Three Roods Farm, which hosted our group on Tuesday, August 10th. Thanks again to Robin Mallor and Gregory Kruszewski for their hospitality.

Greg and Robin’s daughter, Sophia, has done work to combat our radical, industrial food system. With the Center of Food Safety, Sophia worked on a lawsuit against Monsanto’s use of genetically modified Roundup Ready Alfalfa. The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Center of Food Safety in June of 2010, and the decision banned the growing or selling of Roundup Ready Alfalfa. This case set’s a major precedent in the fight against genetically modified crops.

Genetically modified crops…that sounds pretty radical…

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