Posted by: amelia | August 13, 2010

Urban Ecology in Milwaukee

Nestled in the middle of Milwaukee sits a beacon of environmental knowledge and inspiration known as the Urban Ecology Center. As a hub for all things ecology related, the center specializes in community education, specifically for children. Myself and a few of the other riders were privileged enough to not only get a tour of the center, but also to sit in on an educational seminar.

Our friend Charlie (aka CharBee), whom we had met the night before at the Kegel fundraiser party, works part time at the center. After a few beers, our conversation took a turn towards the heated side. We brought up a few stories about beekeeping we had experienced so far on the trip, and to our great pleasure and surprise, Charlie turned out to be an avid beekeeper. In his pursuits, Charlie had experienced numerous problems with the traditional Langstroth (the stacked boxes of bees we usually see) system of housing bees. With bee colonies dwindling around the world and our pollinating friends at the brink of a population collapse, Charlie took it upon himself to research and create an alternative to contemporary methods of beekeeping. Thus, the BeePod was born! An innovative system, the BeePod is a less intrusive, more natural, and safer way to store bees in both urban and rural areas. At the center, Charlie gave us an enthralling lecture on beekeeping 101. We were amazed at how simple beekeeping can actually be, and also how beneficial the little buggers can be for your garden or farm.

Overall, our time spent at the Urban Ecology Center was both enlightening and inspiring. The center does an excellent job of both engaging and dramatically improving the quality of life in an urban area. Us urban dwellers often forget how important it truly is to stay connected to the land, and the Urban Ecology Center serves as an opportunity to get involved with the community and nature. Something that seldom presents itself this day and age in a single location.


  1. Hey,

    I am a friend of Amy Nordrum’s and I think it is absolutely amazing what you guys are doing, it is literally something I have dreamed of doing forever keep it up guys..

  2. This morning I read an interesting article in the Toronto Star about a new fad catching like wildfire. The message: Bee cool, keep bees.–beekeeping-booming-in-toronto

  3. Hey thanks for the entry… it was great to meet the crew and talk a bit of bees… keep up the good work and try not to get more flats… bee well!

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